I started writing over a decade ago and let me tell you — it was pretty terrible. My first forays into the written word included all manner of bad poetry, overly tragic short stories, and unnecessarily melodramatic lyrics. Fortunately, I’ve grown a lot since then–both in inches and skill–and no longer create stanzas that read along the lines of, “My pain is their gain.”

( . . . it’s okay to judge me, I’m judging me).

Now I devote my passion to professional, academic, and creative writing as a freelancer. I still dabble frequently in my own creative works and am a recent university graduate in the process of applying to graduate school for UX design. During my undergraduate years I studied multiple disciplines and focused my efforts on biology, psychology, and instructional system design. I like to say that my background is in people. I studied how they function (biology), how they think (psychology), and how they learn (instructional system design).

So what all does this mean for you? It means that I have a sharp and well-seasoned research pen and an even mightier copywriting voice. I utilize the principles of science to create marketable content, focusing my efforts on employing statistically sound strategies for each audience. I frequently peruse and devour scientific journals on neuropsychology, educational science, and design principles so that I can stay abreast of the latest discoveries in the field and turn those into actionable content through the written word. Whether you want to increase sales through the use of targeted audience engagement or need a small novel written about the historical uses of lint, I’ll work day and night to ensure that the material received in your inbox is both flawless and captivating.