Hi, I’m Lauren.

timezone ninja. design enthusiast. copywriter. student.

Driven, creative, team player, willing to learn and eager to start. Challenges excite me and delivering high-quality experiences through content is my life’s goal. I’m a copywriter by day and a design student by night, blending the best of all worlds to create unique and engaging experiences across all mediums. 

About Me

Passionate creative with a penchant for science and number crunching.

Art and science aren’t opposites — but they are incomplete without one another. I’ve spent my life learning how to blend the principles of science with the applications of art and I’m passionate about advancing great content through research-backed design.

When I’m not working as a copywriter, I’m either in class as a graduate student in Interaction Design and Information Architecture or have my nose buried in a book about far off lands that never were.

Adobe Creative Suite
Instructional and interaction Design



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