Writing Samples

Unless otherwise noted, all file formats are in PDF.


APA: Literature Review (Neuropsychology Proposal)
APA: Discussion Excerpt (Educational Science/Instructional System Design)
APA: Critical Article Review (Psychology)
Research Writing: Consent Form
Research Writing: Student Questionnaire (Education/Marketing)
Bolstering NASA’s Social Media Engagement with Gen Y (Social Media/Marketing)


Dark themes are prevalent throughout all of the below samples. Content warnings for implied violence, war, and related themes.
Narrative Excerpt – Scifi
Narrative Excerpt – Romance (PG13)
Premise/Sales Pitch for Literary Universe
Game Guide/Plot Description
Event Description / Plot Description II


Article/Blog: Keeping Calm & Carrying On (Employment/Business)
Grant/Business Expansion Proposal Excerpt
Job Descriptions (Cashier, Machinist)
Training Document Excerpt(Learner guidance for e-learning course)
Training Document Supplement (Video for e-learning course)